B20(VYP) is a queen of Valchuk Yuri(UA) mated in 2016, descendant F9 of Carnic99R. She is a comes from strain of pure carnica-combination.

  B20(VYP) =  .16 – B19(VYP) ins(vyp) B100(KAA)  : ivq .15 – B11(PK) ins(maa) B350(vdB)  :  
      imq .13 – KB142 nex KB202  :   .11 – KB067 nex KB108  :  
        .07 – KB432 nex KB181  :   .05 – KB062 nex KB309  :  
        .03 – KB433 nex KB425  :   .02 – PS614 nex KB068  :
        .00 – PS642 tun PS028  :  imq .99 – Carnic99R  CarnicM      (pure Carnica(german origin))  
    Pedigree of B19(VYP) :
four generations presented  
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Color code and Abbreviations
Queens without information : mix
Queen and/or Drones have unknown exact origin : that makes unable to find their real status.

Queens from one strain, but mated by drones from another strain . Their population and daughters (and drones of them)are F1 crossed.
Queen and Drones have the same ancestors: combination to increase or stabilize some characteristics
Queen and Drones result of a cross between two different lines: interesting to increase their resistance and qualities.
VYP:Valchuk Yuri (UA)
MAA:Artem Maysterchuk (UA)
PK :Pavel Kartavik (BY)
KB :Keld Brandstrup (DK)
MKK :Pierre de Koning (NL)
PS :Poul Erik Srensen +2012(57) (DK)
TR :Thomas Rueppel (DE)
vdB :Johann van den Bongard (DE)
Races - Do use them
D:cecropia macedonica
I:meda (Iranian)
MG:Margret's hive No 5
Importation mode
imq :Laying queen imported
ivq :Virgin queen imported
Mating Places, etc
ins(vyp) :Instrumental insemination Valchuk Yuri (UA)
ins(maa) :Instrumental insemination Artem Maysterchuk (UA)
aml :Ameland island (NL - Friesland)
bal :Baltrum island (DE)
inez :Instrumental insemination (DE)
lgn :Langene  island (DE - Wattenmeer)
mrk :Marken peninsula (NL)
nex :Neksel  island (DK)
tun :Tun  island (DK)
????????????? ?????????? ?? ?????????? ?????(UA)